Contributing to the fight against global poverty



Welcome to the website of IMBEO foundation. IMBEO foundation organises talent development projects in extreme poverty areas all over the world and therefore contribute to the goal of ending global poverty. Take a look at our YouTube channel to see some video’s of IMBEO and our projects like: Project Namibia


IMBEO foundation believes that arts in general and dance in specific can improve the personal development of any individual in many ways, such as socially and artictic, movement is essential. Dance is a universal language and way to communicate all over the world. Unfortunately not everyone in this world is able to access the same opportunities. However, we believe that every child growing up needs an opportunity to develop and show his/her talents. In this way children improve their self-esteem which motivates them to finish their education and find a job. We have the perfect knowledge and experience to contribute to this positive spiral by bringing these projects to them with personal guidance and attention.


IMBEO’s mission is to bring dance to children and youth of any age in (extreme) poverty areas. Participants of our projects get the opportunity to develop their personal, unique and diverse talents during these projects. Next to the participants, also volunteers, employees from collaborating organisations, and people from the participants’ environment will be involved, for whom IMBEO projects connect people and their diverse cultures. The board of IMBEO foundation is watching over the mission.

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