Because of the pandemic IMBEO is currently forced to pause their projects for everyone’s safety.

IMBEO foundation offers different kinds of projects:

  1. Workshops: Workshops with a focus on talent development.
  2. National projects: These projects have a longer timeframe. It may consist lesson series with a performance at the end. These projects can take place for example at primary schools, highschools, neighbourhoods and refugee centers and so on.
  3. International projects: These projects take up to 4 intense weeks because IMBEO foundation moves abroad where we usually work together with local organisations and people. We have a lot of experience in managing these projects, while including and involving  as much people as needed, abroad.

For an impression see below:

  • Namibia 2019

    At the end of June 2019 IMBEO flew again, a long trip, back to Namibia. Lynn, Suze, Diana and Britt repeated a project from 2018 at Orange Babies foundation. This time we made the project bigger and better, we stayed longer in the 5 Rand community slums of Okahandja and around 80 children showed their talent and passion in our project. IMBEO is very grateful for all the participating volunteers, they meant a lot for the project. Again the Orange Babies foundation was impressed and unbelievably happy with our visit. For sure there will be projects in the future with Orange Babies.

    Video: On our facebookpage you can follow all the vlogs from this project: IMBEO Facebook, vlog 4 Namibia

  • Philippines 2018

    In Juli 2018 Dieuwertje and Lynn travelled for a second time to Philippines. This time they also got some help of 2 volunteers, Suze and Diana, and so we went with a team of 4 people. Again we visited Young Focus, an organisation that provides education in the slums of Manila. Again we did a big project of 3 weeks with a super nice performance at the end. We worked together with different groups of children (3 -22 years old) to involve as many children as possible. We already look forward to the next project!

    Video: IMBEO Performance Philippines YF 2018

  • Namibia 2018

    In May 2018 Dieuwertje and Lynn took the airplane to Windhoek, Namibia. They have been working intensively for 2 weeks with children between 10 and 15 years old, who participate in the afternoonprograms of Orange Babies Foundation. Orange Babies is comitted to a world without HIV. Both groups performed a few choreographies in a show.

    Video: Performance OKAHANDJA

  • Graduation thesis ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance in Education 2017

    To graduate from Bachelor of Dance in Education Dieuwertje and Lynn have been working together. Results obtained from a research towards finding an individual approach to develop the talents of a diverse group of people were shaped into a performance. Foto & film: Toon Braat

    Video: Trailer IMBEO#

  • Philippines 2016

    In the summer of 2016 Dieuwertje, Lynn and Laura have been working on a project in the slums of Manila. After a 3 weeks long intense program they made a performance with approximately 300 children aged 4-22 years. The kids got the chance to show their talents to their environment and visibly improve their self-esteem.

    Video: Haypa

    Review written by: Paul van Wijgerden, Managing Director Young Focus Philipines

    It all started with an application form when the girls from Stichting IMBEO expressed their desire to come to the Philippines. Reading their background and experience we got excited about them coming over to the Philippines. First of all, Filipino children are crazy about dancing. But, what made it so special is that IMBEO came with different styles and dances which stimulated and motivated ‘our’ children even more.

    Young Focus is an NGO in the Philippines with 1650 children in different education programs. For sure, when you offer interactive dance activities you will have a full time job when you have so many children around! The beauty of IMBEO styles of dancing is that it releases the energy our children have and enjoy life to the fullest. No doubt that dance activities will help you forget about the tough issues in life our children are facing. Children in poverty don’t always have the opportunity to be exposed to forms of expression and creativity. What IMBEO offers to them is joy, expression of creativity and, of course, it is a great way to live out a healthy lifestyle. Besides that IMBEO reached out to our students and become real friends with them and our staff.

    Young Focus wants to thank IMBEO for their time with us and we hope that it won’t just stay with their visit in 2016… we would love to have them back!

  • Curaçao 2015

    In Curaçao Dieuwertje and Lynn worked at the project ‘Imaginabo’, led by Fina Dance Art School (Dance and more foundation) and in association with RAUW foundation. Together they made a performance in the neighbourhood Bandabou, themed: DREAMS.

    Video: Opwarming/Warming up

  • Burkina faso 2014

    Lynn and Laura worked in an orphanage for 4 weeks in Koudougou. We also included dance in our daily programs and realised it helped the children to learn how to work together and share the things that they have. The little kids were 0-6 yeard old.

    Video: Chocolate dans/Chocolate dance