Initiators IMBEO: Dieuwertje(l), Lynn (r). Photo: Danielle Corbijn

IMBEO foundation was founded in 2017 by the initiators Lynn Gerrits and Dieuwertje Hazeleger, both graduaded from the Bachelor Dance in Edudation at ArtEZ university in Arnhem (NL). They both had the chance to experience how it feels to develop their talents, to discover new ones and to show them to their environment. When struggling with the fact that not everybody is this privileged to experience the same like they did, they started to take action and raise IMBEO foundation.

While reporting to an external, however very involved board, and working together with various organisations and volunteers, Lynn and Dieuwertje kept developing themselves and therefore the foundation by studying. In 2019 Dieuwertje decided to walk another path which gave her less space for the hard work she was giving for IMBEO. In the meanwhile Lynn graduated from the Master Social Integration and Intercultural Education and Psychology and she is still studying for a projectmanagement degree.

Since 2014 Lynn and Dieuwertje went abroad yearly to organise projects. Under the name of IMBEO foundation, since 2017, they organsied projects in Namibia (pwith Orange Babies Foundation) and in the Philippines (with Young Focus Foundation), from which more than 500 children experienced the effects of our work. Sharing knowledge and talent between all the diverse participants and involved people within a project is a great value of IMBEO.

IMBEO – the name

The word IMBEO has different meanings. In Zulu, an African language, it has the meaning of a little seed that still needs to grow to a plant. This is a symbol, an analogy, that is equal to talent development. In Irish it means ‘alive’ that reminds the owners of the goal to inspire all people involved for the rest of their lives.

Key concepts of IMBEO

Through an individual view on the participants of projects and experience with different cultures the projects will therefore be suitable for different (mixed) cultures taking into account the diversity of the participants.

In the projects there is room for different disciplines. The owners are specialized in dance, however, other disciplines can very well be coached and guided. The talents of the participants of the projects will be different and diverse, our goal is to bring as much attention as possible to the development and integration of these talents.

The projects focus on dance because movement is a very important tool to reach our goals. Dance connects people, and is therewith a way to communicate.

Personal approach, diversity
Each participant of a project will be seen as an individual. Every (potential) talent of the individual will be considered. Their own input will be highly appreciated and attention will be payed to it in the projects.

Participants of projects will experience a social, physical and mental development. IMBEO hopes to inspire the participants and their surroundings to use their personal talents. IMBEO foundation helps to develop their talents, and also helps them to show their talents in a performance. Besides that, the participants will work together which will help them develop in a social way.


IMBEO foundation uses a method that is focussed on a learner-oriented way of teaching dance and making dance, which is based on the (cultural) identity. This method is developed by Dieuwertje and Lynn, as a product of their graduation thesis from ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance in Education. This method is a scenario method and will therefore continue to envolve within the foundation at all times. Another aspect of focus is the self-esteem of students, for which Lynn proved in her master thesis that education, specifically including elements of sports and arts, can increase the self-esteem of children in extreme poverty areas.