A must-read

This is a tekst written by Ann van Wijgerden from Young Focus, a must-read about empowerment through dance and IMBEO’s values:


Empowerment through dance

The power and beauty of dance is multifaceted.
It’s about the joy of movement.
The exhilaration of finding personal freedom in performance.
The discipline, the learning curve, the thrill of working together with others,
discovering and rejoicing in each other’s talents, together creating something to be
proud of.
It’s about creative expression, personal expression, community expression.
Crossing all potential boundaries of language and culture.
The true value of dance in the hands of IMBEO becomes even more dynamic
when brought into the lives of disadvantaged youth.
And it’s so much more than providing them with a few moments of escape from
the grim reality of their daily lives.
It’s about something very much long term: Escaping the prison of shame. It’s
about the massive gift of self confidence. It’s about changing lives.
This grounding, discovery, and trust in their personal identity ultimately means a
young person will have the confidence and sense of self-worth to take hold of
every opportunity that comes their way – for personal development, education,
In other words, IMBEO is so much more than a simple dance activity. It’s a
profound investment in the lives of the youth who need it most, who are hungry for
hope and a future.



Thank you so much Ann for putting this down in words.

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